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How to Ground Balance on a Trashy Site?

Discussion in 'Single Frequency AKA Metal Detector Discussions' started by SuchMuch, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Administrator Staff Member

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Local Time:
    7:12 AM
    First Name:
    Pro (1.00) A-Gain
    Referring to Signum and Sorex Manuals the classic way to GB on a trashy site:
    In the event that a “clean” patch of ground is not found you can excavate a small amount of local soil (1-1.5 kg), removing all metal objects, and place in a bag for convenience. Now lean the detector with the coil facing up against a bush or tree with the coil at least 40-50cm off the ground. With the bag of soil in hand you can now and press the GB button [​IMG] and count 1,2,3. Then smooth and slow, (starting from a distance of 30-40 cm) present the soil to coil. (As if doing auto balance on the ground in the normal mode, but now you are moving the soil to the coil instead of vice versa)

    Placing the excavated soil on the ground is not desirable. Since you were not able to perform a ground balance previously, due to the presence of metal in ground, placing the bag of soil on the ground may cause an incorrect ground balance.

    I never had difficulties with GB on a trashy site even when Signum was run in normal mode. With economy mode switched on it seems you can GB even right over a metal sheet :Biggrin: (if Gain is lowered significantly).
    On a trashy site I find a spot with no RT sound increasing when col is moved 5 cms to the left and 5 cms to the right and that would be a "clean" spot. With economy mode switched on much more such "clean" sites could be found.

    SuchMuch Remark:
    My way to GB on a trashy site is to switch economy mode on, low Gain significantly, do inaccurate GB and start looking for a clean spot. Whilst looking for a clean spot detector produces false signals due to inaccurate GB but I don't pay attention to ST channel, my concern is RT channel only. I'm looking for a spot with no RT sound, once spot free of RT sound is found that would be a spot free of metals. You can verify that spot is free of metals by scanning spot in static mode (On a trashy site static mode should be activated with coil raised 1,5 meters above ground in order to prevent influence of ground contaminated with iron). And the final step is to make new accurate GB over this spot.
    This works with any coil size.

    As alternative variant you can GB over ferrite, find clean spot and do accurate GB over the ground.
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Local Time:
    5:12 AM
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