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Used AKA Signum MFT for sale For Sale

for sale

EUR 950.00
Piaskowa, Mrągowo, Poland
AKA Signum Detector for sale, bought from Polish distributor (European version with warranty/post-warranty service in Bulgaria), warranty up to 02.02.2018. The coil Mars Tiger 14 kHz 12,5"x 9,5". Price EUR 950 plus postage cost (Polish Post)
The exemplary cost for the UK (other countries similarly, on the continental part a bit cheaper):
saving option parcel EUR 16 (delivery up to 10 days, no insurance),
priority parcel EUR 20 ((delivery up to 3-5 days, no insurance),
messenger service - Pocztex (Polish Post) EUR 43,5 insurance included, I recommend the service
For people in Poland personal reception is possible :)
Guarantee to 02.02 2018
Contact may be by e mail tui1@o2.pl
In the subject line write "AKA SIGNUM"


    1. gnom
      The new price of 900 euros.